Happy Birthday DraughtEx!

One year ago DraughtEx was introduced to the UK. The first year has been full of positive surprises and new developments:

About three years ago we started to sell floorboard insulation products. At the beginning of 2010 our MD Harry Dewick-Eisele decided that it was time to develop our own floorboard gap insulation product based on the experience we had made in the previous two years.

Soon all ideas and plans came together and on the 18th of March 2010 we were able to introduce a revolutionary new product to the market: Draughtex

In the next few months we watched with amazement how the floorboard gap sealant was taken up by the market and even through the summer sales were rising.

To find out how customers are getting along using and fitting DraughtEx we  email a customer survey to everybody who places an order with us. Based on the feedback given so far we launched two new versions of DraughtEx floor board gap fillers and redesigned our applicator to make it easier to handle the sealant. The results are warmer homes and happy customers.

We want to even further improve the service we offer. Please tell us any suggestions you might have and we will try our best to introduce your ideas. To help this communication we have joined Facebook to make it even easier to leave feedback and share your experiences with us: visit DraughtEx Floorboard Gap Insulation in Facebook.

DraughtEx Customer Survey Winner December 2010

In December the happy winner of our Draughtex Customer Survey Competition for £25 worth of shopping vouchers was Fiona B. of  Bristol. Having completed the customer survey questionnaire she was entered into the prize draw.

Fiona said:  “I was thrilled to win the customer survey competition and really sorry I haven’t replied earlier to thank you properly. We are up to our eyeballs in building work at home. I was hoovering the latest layer of dust off the kitchen floor with unusual vigour and enthusiasm and knocked the iron off the ironing board onto the floor where it broke into pieces. Checked my emails and found that I’d won! The vouchers were put to good use – so thanks again!”

Don’t miss the chance to enter, simply place your order for floorboard draught excluders at www.draughtex.co.uk

Good Luck !

DraughtEx Installation Video Released

DraughtEx is an easy to install and efficient floorboard gap sealant and to provide as much information as possible we have developed a DraughtEx installation video.

The video covers the installation of DraughtEx between floorboards in general and into small floorboard gaps in particular. It explains how the floorboard gaps can be cleaned of debris and how the floorboard gap filler is started off underneath the skirting board. The video also shows how the draught exclusion can be stretched to be fitted into thinner floorboard gaps.

DraughtEx Customer Survey Winner November 2010

In November the happy winner of our Draughtex Customer Survey Competition for £25 worth of shopping vouchers was Jamie E. of  London. Having completed the customer survey questionnaire he was immediately entered into the prize draw.

Jamie said:  “It was fantastic to win the prize draw, we were delighted and they were put to good use in the sales!  We’re really impressed with Draughtex and after a very cold Christmas we’re looking forward to a warmer 2011!”

Don’t miss the chance to enter, simply place your order for floorboard draught excluders at www.draughtex.co.uk

Good Luck !

DraughtEx Customer Survey Winner October 2010!

Every month DraughtEx offers their customers the chance to win £25 worth of ‘Love2shop’ high street vouchers.

In October the happy winner was Claire P. of  Oldham. Having completed the customer survey questionnaire she was immediately entered into the prize draw.

Claire said:  “I did receive the vouchers, and I shared the news with lots of family and friends, telling them where I received them from.  I was really surprised and happy to receive them, as I don’t normally win any prize draws, and I didn’t even remember there was a prize draw attached to the survey.”

Don’t miss the chance to enter, simply place your order at www.draughtex.co.uk

Good Luck !

DraughtEx is Taking Your Comments Seriously

At DraughtEx we really do care about your comments. After every purchase we send out a questionnaire for our customers to fill in and then review the results in a weekly customer care meeting. Unlike most companies we get back to our customers with any changes that we plan to make as a result of the comments left.

One example of our actions relates to the DraughtEx applicator. A customer commented that the applicator was not very strong or easy to use and gave suggestions as to how we could improve it. We subsequently drew up plans for a new design and arranged for a prototype to be made.

The sample model of the applicator was then sent to us and we are now waiting for our first shipment of the new design applicators that will make the installation of DraughtEx even easier.

Good News About Filling Small Floorboard Gaps!

It is amazing how much cold air can blow even through the smallest gaps and chill the whole house.

Until now we were only able to address gaps with a width of 2-12mm. Customers with smaller gaps found it difficult to apply our current sealant diameters and as a result we received some emails asking for a smaller version of DraughtEx.

In our Customer Care Meeting we reviewed these emails and decided to offer a new product for very small gaps as well as our other two existing diameters.

This week we have finally received samples for the thinner version of DraughtEx. After our quality check was completed we placed an order with our UK manufacturer.

The new Draughtex will be suitable for very small gaps up to 3mm width, ensuring that all floorboards can be treated with this amazing draught excluder regardless of gap width. Like the standard version, it will be supplied in 40m rolls.

If you would like to be informed when the thin version goes live, please send your contact details to the following email address: service@draughtex.co.uk

Does Draughtex Really Work?

You may have found Draughtex while searching for a solution to stop cold draughts through your floorboard gaps, to get rid of cold feet and to reduce your heating bill. We say Draughtex is the perfect solution to this old problem, but who guarantees you that it really works? Is it as good as stated on our website?

We believe in our product and our sales have exceeded all expectations since Draughtex was launched in March this year.

However, to give you a bit more security we have collated some of the customer feedback we received. Should you still have questions after reading these customer comments, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

19 July 2010

Can’t think of anything you could do better. Want to applaud you for the foresight of selling a small sample. We weren’t sure about it and ordered the sample, now see how good it is and will be ordering enough for two bedrooms shortly. Great product!!

17 July 2010

I’m very impressed with the results, as are family and friends. It really gives a lift in defining the floor boards and the effect is much more “finished off” which is a real bonus as I was looking for draft proofing as the first priority without expecting the look to be so good. We put a big rug in front of the fire place but have since taken it up again as the floor looks so good. Great product – reasonably priced given the savings I expect it will make to the heating bills. Thanks very much – I’d be very interested to hear if you have any other products in the pipeline

02 July 2010

Very happy with the product for ease of application and results. Would recommend to others.

01 July 2010

I used Draughtex to fill gaps in my floorboards and found the finish. far superior to filling the gaps with bits of wood and sanding down. I was amazed how I could stretch it to almost breaking point to fit into the smallest gap. Draughtex gives a dark finish between the gaps and looks great on my 1930’s pine floorboards.I am very very pleased with the finish and will recommend Draughtex to all. When I first tried a sample I found the instructions vague regarding fitting between very small gaps and was about to abandon and try something else, but all other products seemed like they would not stand the test of time.I tried again and found if I really stretched hard enough it would fit into almost any gap. Maybe your website should show a video explaining how to fit into the smallest gap.

Reply: A video that explains the application process to our customers will very soon be launched on our website.

Draughtex, the simple solution to draughty floors. www.draughtex.co.uk

Email: service@draughtex.co.uk
Freephone: 0800 088 7311

History Lesson in Floor Board Gaps

Since we launched Draughtex in March 2010 we received several interesting emails from our customers asking about our product and where to apply it. One of them we will share with you today:

Hi, We’ve just purchased a unit in an old factory building, and there are huge gaps in the original flooring. We’d like to fill the gaps, not to prevent draughts, but rather to prevent losing more items between the cracks. We’ve found buttons, needles & fabric from the old textile mill days, and while it’s been an interesting history lesson, we don’t want our future locked in the floorboards. Would your product work to seal the gaps closest to the surface?

Nobody likes to lose something, especially if the item is of big personal value like a wedding ring or jewellery.
Once installed, Draughtex will prevent these things disappearing between floorboards. Installed just a few millimeters beneath the floor level, it will make it easier for you to retrieve items that have been dropped.

Draughtex doesn’t only stop valued things vanishing in floorboard gaps but also prevents draughts from coming up from below the floor making the room uncomfortable and as a result can also reduce the heating costs.

Is it time for you to explore the history between your floorboards and seal the gaps once and for all?