Good News About Filling Small Floorboard Gaps!

It is amazing how much cold air can blow even through the smallest gaps and chill the whole house.

Until now we were only able to address gaps with a width of 2-12mm. Customers with smaller gaps found it difficult to apply our current sealant diameters and as a result we received some emails asking for a smaller version of DraughtEx.

In our Customer Care Meeting we reviewed these emails and decided to offer a new product for very small gaps as well as our other two existing diameters.

This week we have finally received samples for the thinner version of DraughtEx. After our quality check was completed we placed an order with our UK manufacturer.

The new Draughtex will be suitable for very small gaps up to 3mm width, ensuring that all floorboards can be treated with this amazing draught excluder regardless of gap width. Like the standard version, it will be supplied in 40m rolls.

If you would like to be informed when the thin version goes live, please send your contact details to the following email address:

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