History Lesson in Floor Board Gaps

Since we launched Draughtex in March 2010 we received several interesting emails from our customers asking about our product and where to apply it. One of them we will share with you today:

Hi, We’ve just purchased a unit in an old factory building, and there are huge gaps in the original flooring. We’d like to fill the gaps, not to prevent draughts, but rather to prevent losing more items between the cracks. We’ve found buttons, needles & fabric from the old textile mill days, and while it’s been an interesting history lesson, we don’t want our future locked in the floorboards. Would your product work to seal the gaps closest to the surface?

Nobody likes to lose something, especially if the item is of big personal value like a wedding ring or jewellery.
Once installed, Draughtex will prevent these things disappearing between floorboards. Installed just a few millimeters beneath the floor level, it will make it easier for you to retrieve items that have been dropped.

Draughtex doesn’t only stop valued things vanishing in floorboard gaps but also prevents draughts from coming up from below the floor making the room uncomfortable and as a result can also reduce the heating costs.

Is it time for you to explore the history between your floorboards and seal the gaps once and for all?