How to Save Energy by Draught Proofing Your Skirting Boards

Skirting BoardDraughtEx already has many satisfied customers who have benefited from the unique way it fills the gap between floorboards, eliminating draughts and helping to reduce energy bills. It can also be used equally successfully at the base of skirting boards.

There is often a gap between the skirting board and the floor which can create cold draughts, chilly rooms and winter discomfort. As with floorboards, the size of the gap often varies and traditional filling methods can be messy to install and will most likely fall out over time.

DraughtEx comes on a roll and with a special applicator allowing you to press it into the gaps where it expands to form the perfect seal. There is no mess and its ‘shadow’ colour means that you will not see it is even there. The filler is available in three thicknesses to cover all gap sizes, although the standard size will be suitable in most cases. If you are unsure what size you require just order a sample pack which contains a length of each thickness and an applicator.

Research by The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a household can save between £20.00 and £40.00 per room, per year, by filling skirting and floorboard gaps. With energy bills rising these savings can only increase!

See our video to find out how easy it is to use DraughtEx with skirting boards.

New Book Recommends DraughtEx Floorboard Filler

A new book about energy saving ideas has just been launched. ‘Save Your Energy. Simple Ways To Knock £300 Off A Home Fuel Bill’ by Martin Hickman. The book describes creative and effective ways of saving money without missing out on comfort. The author states: ‘Good energy efficiency needn’t be a drag. You don’t have to skip baths or behave like a skinflint. What I’ve learnt from my experience and research is that you really can slice up to £300 off your annual outgoings (and reduce global warming) without changing your day-to-day life.’

In the Book, Martin Hickman recommends the DraughEx floorboard gap sealant. One of the measures he mentions is fitting rugs and carpets over exposed floors and goes on to say ‘A few DIY jobs can also help. You can fill spaces between floorboardsI prefer… Draughtex, which is wedged between floorboards.’

The book is available on Amazon.

DraughtEx is an extremely effective and easy to fit solution for draughts between floorboards. It can be fitted in a few hours and saves £20-£40 from the heating bill per room.

Stop Insects with DraughtEx

Now the weather has finally taken a turn for the better we all face the dreaded bug season! If you have experienced the irritation of insects entering the house through gaps between your floorboards, DraughtEx could be the solution to your problems.

DraughtEx provides a flexible seal that fills the gaps between floorboards, not just keeping out bugs in summer, but helping to defeat floorboard draughts in winter, too. Calculations show that the average combined area of the gaps between floorboards can be equivalent to a small window being left open. Therefore plugging these gaps can lead to significant savings on your heating bill during colder months, and less insect activity in summer.

This multipurpose floorboard gap filler not only solves these two problems, but also gives a clean, even finish that can help improve the overall appearance of wooden flooring. With so many reasons to try DraughtEx, why not order a sample pack and join the growing number of people who are delighted to have discovered DraughtEx.

Finish Your Floor With DraughtEx

If you’re renovating your wooden floor why not consider adding DraughtEx as the finishing touch. The ideal time to seal gaps between floorboards is after varnishing, oiling or waxing because the preparation has already been done.

The specially formulated colour Shadow is designed to replicate the natural shades between floorboards. Therefore DraughtEx not only seals the gaps preventing cold air from entering your property, but also gives a clean, even and aesthetically pleasing finish.

DraughtEx looks good, is easy to install and provides numerous benefits. It not only helps insulate your home, but also helps prevent irritants such as pollen, dust and insects from gaining access through your floorboards.

If you have taken the time to refurbish your floor then now is the perfect time to try DraughtEx. Why not order a sample pack and join the growing number of people who are delighted to have discovered DraughtEx.

DraughtEx Can Help Allergy Sufferers

The problem of dust and pollen circulating around the house in summer is well known to allergy sufferers. DraughtEx can help solve this problem by sealing the gaps between your floorboards and stopping the flow of air – therefore restricting the movement of dust and allergens.

Allergy sufferers often avoid having carpets in the house as these are seen as dust traps. Natural wooden floors are an attractive alternative, but can be prone to contraction and expansion with the changing of the seasons. Any increase in the size of the gaps between your floorboards can allow previously trapped dust to circulate more easily.

This is where DraughtEx comes into its own. Being flexible and able to move with the natural ebb and flow of the wood, it provides a year round seal. DraughtEx traps existing dust below the floorboards and allows for more effective cleaning of any new accumulation.

Whilst DraughtEx alone is not a miracle cure for allergies, it can reduce the circulation of dust and therefore help to lessen the symptoms for those who suffer during summertime.