Victorian Floorboards Get New Lease of Life

Have you ever wondered what your floor would look like if you took up the old carpet and gave your floorboards a new lease of life? Well that is exactly what one of our customers, Mr CW from Cheshire, did.

“My project concerned a large attic room in a Victorian house. The floor had a horrible old carpet on it when I started.” said Mr CW ”  I knew before I started that the gaps in the boards would have to be sealed because the gaps between the floor joists are open to the very well ventilated roof space at the side and the wind comes howling through.”

That is when Mr CW decided to choose DraughtEx, our flexible and no-mess floorboard gap filler. After the sanding of the boards, the gaps were raked out, the floor was painted and then DraughtEx was fitted. Fitting this filler takes very little time and a special applicator makes the task very easy.

Here are the before and after photos of the floor, which is now finished with Farrow and Ball Manor House Grey. Please note that the DraughtEx floor filler is not visible even in the close-up of the newly painted floorboards.

Following the fitting of the DraughtEx the draughts just stopped and the room is now cosy and warm.

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