Free Van Signs For Our Re-Sellers!

DraughtEx is not only used by end users who fit our floorboard gap filler between their floorboards. DraughtEx is also distributed by floor fitters who use it when refurbishing old wooden floors for their clients.

To support our fitters and other trade partners and to promote the  DraughtEx floor sealant solution to the whole of the UK we now offer free van signs for all DraughtEx traders.

DraughtEx Van Sign

If you are already a DraughtEx trader but haven’t been offered a van sign or should you like to become a trader, please contact us under 0800 088 7311 or via email:

Watch out, maybe you will see one of our vans in your street soon.

DraughtEx is Taking Your Comments Seriously

At DraughtEx we really do care about your comments. After every purchase we send out a questionnaire for our customers to fill in and then review the results in a weekly customer care meeting. Unlike most companies we get back to our customers with any changes that we plan to make as a result of the comments left.

One example of our actions relates to the DraughtEx applicator. A customer commented that the applicator was not very strong or easy to use and gave suggestions as to how we could improve it. We subsequently drew up plans for a new design and arranged for a prototype to be made.

The sample model of the applicator was then sent to us and we are now waiting for our first shipment of the new design applicators that will make the installation of DraughtEx even easier.