New Gap Sealant for Sash Windows

Following multiple customer suggestions we have taken the idea of the DraughtEx floor filler and developed a similar product for draught-proofing sash windows.
We knew for a long time that DraughtEx is not only good to seal floorboard gaps but also perfect to stop sash window draughts and to fill gaps around distorted windows. However, a few changes had to be made before we could start selling a seal for windows. A colour had to be devised that would suit the majority of sash windows. The two-tone magnolia™ colour has two different tones of magnolia on either side and the customer chooses a side to face towards the inside of the room. Secondly, a different diameter, and elasticity had to be developed to allow the seal to be successfully used in windows. And thirdly, a different applicator was required. All these hurdles are now overcome and the new seal is available.

Gapseal is designed to be installed in sash window gaps before the cold time of the year and can be taken out when the windows need opening again in spring. It can be re-used multiple times as it doesn’t start to deteriorate like scrunched newspaper or other materials.

Please have a look at our website for more information and pictures.