Finish Your Floor With DraughtEx

If you’re renovating your wooden floor why not consider adding DraughtEx as the finishing touch. The ideal time to seal gaps between floorboards is after varnishing, oiling or waxing because the preparation has already been done.

The specially formulated colour Shadow is designed to replicate the natural shades between floorboards. Therefore DraughtEx not only seals the gaps preventing cold air from entering your property, but also gives a clean, even and aesthetically pleasing finish.

DraughtEx looks good, is easy to install and provides numerous benefits. It not only helps insulate your home, but also helps prevent irritants such as pollen, dust and insects from gaining access through your floorboards.

If you have taken the time to refurbish your floor then now is the perfect time to try DraughtEx. Why not order a sample pack and join the growing number of people who are delighted to have discovered DraughtEx.