DraughtEx Can Help Allergy Sufferers

The problem of dust and pollen circulating around the house in summer is well known to allergy sufferers. DraughtEx can help solve this problem by sealing the gaps between your floorboards and stopping the flow of air – therefore restricting the movement of dust and allergens.

Allergy sufferers often avoid having carpets in the house as these are seen as dust traps. Natural wooden floors are an attractive alternative, but can be prone to contraction and expansion with the changing of the seasons. Any increase in the size of the gaps between your floorboards can allow previously trapped dust to circulate more easily.

This is where DraughtEx comes into its own. Being flexible and able to move with the natural ebb and flow of the wood, it provides a year round seal. DraughtEx traps existing dust below the floorboards and allows for more effective cleaning of any new accumulation.

Whilst DraughtEx alone is not a miracle cure for allergies, it can reduce the circulation of dust and therefore help to lessen the symptoms for those who suffer during summertime.

New Gap Sealant for Sash Windows

Following multiple customer suggestions we have taken the idea of the DraughtEx floor filler and developed a similar product for draught-proofing sash windows.
We knew for a long time that DraughtEx is not only good to seal floorboard gaps but also perfect to stop sash window draughts and to fill gaps around distorted windows. However, a few changes had to be made before we could start selling a seal for windows. A colour had to be devised that would suit the majority of sash windows. The two-tone magnolia™ colour has two different tones of magnolia on either side and the customer chooses a side to face towards the inside of the room. Secondly, a different diameter, and elasticity had to be developed to allow the seal to be successfully used in windows. And thirdly, a different applicator was required. All these hurdles are now overcome and the new seal is available.

Gapseal is designed to be installed in sash window gaps before the cold time of the year and can be taken out when the windows need opening again in spring. It can be re-used multiple times as it doesn’t start to deteriorate like scrunched newspaper or other materials.

Please have a look at our website www.gapseal.co.uk for more information and pictures.

It’s Getting Colder!

As we all know and feel autumn is coming around swiftly. The local Garden Center starts to display Christmas decorations and we ask ourselves where this year has disappeared to.

Soon enough warm clothes will have to be dug out and the heating needs to be turned on again. With temperatures dropping outside and the warm air inside floorboard gaps are starting to grow again, letting in cold draughts.

Especially, when it is cold outside the thought of a warm and cosy home is very appealing. Nobody likes to come home to a cold and draughty house.
We have made it our mission to stop gaps between floorboards that let cold draughts invade your rooms.

Many different methods of gap filling have been presented to us since we started dealing in gap insulation. There is the professional way of lifting the floorboards and fitting them together so no gaps are left open. This involves a lot of work and costs. Other methods include mixing your own gap filler from sawdust and glue or even applying papier-mache to floorboard gaps. Both methods are messy and the filler falls out of the floorboard gap after a while.

Why not choose the easy option and use a flexible floorboard gap filler that is cost-effective, easy to use and and will not fall out?

DraughtEx has helped many households to to become warm again. Comments like
“your product is great! I wish I would have found it years ago, its really transformed the look of the boards as well. “
“Such a unique, simple, clean, easy, quick solution to the age old problem of draughty floorboards.”
come in time and again and show us that we are on the right way.

How Much DraughtEx Do I Need?

Two factors influence how much DraughtEx you need to fill your floorboard gaps:

    • Total length of all your floorboard gaps added together
    • The width of your gap

The total length required is quickly worked out. Just multiply the length of one floorboard by the number of floorboards.

Please note that this length is not necessarily equal to the amount of DraughtEx you will actually need. As DraughtEx can be stretched to fit into thinner sections between floorboards when it is applied it can cover a larger area of floor than you would expect it to so you may end with some surplus. We will refund any full rolls you have bought from us.

DraughtEx Calculator

Use our handy calculator to work out how many rolls of DraughtEx to buy.

DraughtEx Also Stops Window and Skirting Board Draughts

We call Draughtex a floorboard gap filler but it can be used as draught excluder on sash windows and skirting boards as well.

The gaps between floorboards and skirting boards regularly cause substantial draughts. In the past these skirting board gaps were sealed with coconut fibre or hemp. Draughtex seals these skirting board gaps much better due to its elastic properties.

To seal the gaps between floorboards and the skirting boards  start in one of the corners by tucking the end of the DraughtEx into the gap with the help of some scissors or another appropriate tool. Once you have worked your way a few centimeters away from the corner you can use the applicator to apply DraughtEx evenly into the gap. We recommend cutting DraughtEx at the end of each length of the room instead of using one long strip to go all around the room.

Sealing sash windows against draught can be really difficult. However, pushing our Draughtex sealant into the gaps along the length of the window and between the panes will stop these draughts for good! Draughtex can best be fitted around windows by using a blunt knife.

Have you still got questions? Please feel free to contact us:

Freephone: 0800 088 7311
Email: service@draughtex.co.uk

DraughtEx Customer Survey Winner April 2011

In April the happy winner of our Draughtex Customer Survey Competition for £25 worth of shopping vouchers was K. W. of Royston. Having completed the customer survey questionnaire she was entered into the prize draw.

She said:  “I actually fitted the DraughtEx this weekend, I am super happy.
What a lovely email to get, thanks so much.”

Don’t miss the chance to enter, simply place your order for floorboard draught excluders at www.draughtex.co.uk

Good Luck !

Draft or Draught?

This is a question often raised by our customers when they are searching for a floorboard gap filler and try to type the right search term into Google… What is the right spelling of the word and why?

The Oxford Dictionary advises:
“Do not confuse draft with draught. Draft means ‘a first version of a piece of writing’ or ‘make a first version of a piece of writing’ (I drafted a letter of complaint), whereas draught chiefly means ‘a current of air’ (heavy curtains cut out draughts).”

Our product is named DraughtEx, as it cuts out cold draughts between floorboard gaps. Nevertheless, even our office staff occasionally spell our floorboard filler DraftEx.

Other typical misspellings having been used in the past were:
Draghtex, Drfatex, Draughtek,  Draughtx, Drartee, drughtex
(Quite often the reason for misspellings is not the absence of spelling skills but furious typing on a keyboard).

However, whatever your spelling of the product’s name is going to be, we promise to send you the right product and that you will be very satisfied with a suddenly draught-free floor!

DraughtEx Customer Survey Winners January and February 2011

In January the happy winner of our Draughtex Customer Survey Competition for £25 worth of shopping vouchers was F. H. of  Dumfries. In February the winner was Norton W. of Kettering. Having completed the customer survey questionnaire both were entered into the prize draw.

Norton said:
“Ironically when I entered the competition I thought to myself why am I bothering to enter, I will never win. It was the fact I was so pleased with your product that I wanted you to have the feedback.”
“Super product. Worth every penny. Thank you.”

Don’t miss the chance to enter, simply place your order for floorboard draught excluders at www.draughtex.co.uk and fill in the customer survey we send to you after your order. We really appreciate your feedback:

Free Van Signs For Our Re-Sellers!

DraughtEx is not only used by end users who fit our floorboard gap filler between their floorboards. DraughtEx is also distributed by floor fitters who use it when refurbishing old wooden floors for their clients.

To support our fitters and other trade partners and to promote the  DraughtEx floor sealant solution to the whole of the UK we now offer free van signs for all DraughtEx traders.

DraughtEx Van Sign

If you are already a DraughtEx trader but haven’t been offered a van sign or should you like to become a trader, please contact us under 0800 088 7311 or via email: service@draughtex.co.uk

Watch out, maybe you will see one of our vans in your street soon.