New Book Recommends DraughtEx Floorboard Filler

A new book about energy saving ideas has just been launched. ‘Save Your Energy. Simple Ways To Knock £300 Off A Home Fuel Bill’ by Martin Hickman. The book describes creative and effective ways of saving money without missing out on comfort. The author states: ‘Good energy efficiency needn’t be a drag. You don’t have to skip baths or behave like a skinflint. What I’ve learnt from my experience and research is that you really can slice up to £300 off your annual outgoings (and reduce global warming) without changing your day-to-day life.’

In the Book, Martin Hickman recommends the DraughEx floorboard gap sealant. One of the measures he mentions is fitting rugs and carpets over exposed floors and goes on to say ‘A few DIY jobs can also help. You can fill spaces between floorboardsI prefer… Draughtex, which is wedged between floorboards.’

The book is available on Amazon.

DraughtEx is an extremely effective and easy to fit solution for draughts between floorboards. It can be fitted in a few hours and saves £20-£40 from the heating bill per room.

Sarah Beeny Puts DraughtEx in Her Scrapbook

What better endorsement could DraughtEx floorboard sealant aspire to than Sarah Beeny featuring it in her More4 Property Season. The show is about giving you tips and tricks to restore your property with a view to increasing its selling potential.

DraughtEx is in her Scrapbook for quick reference as a good and cheap way to eliminate draughts through gaps in floorboards. It is so easy to install even by the most novice DIY person. So not only do you get a warmer house cheaply, you also get the satisfaction that you did it yourself, saving you even more money.

Why hesitate, check what Sarah Beeny has to say about DraughtEx and start ridding your home of unwanted draughts and cold spots.