Stop Insects with DraughtEx

Now the weather has finally taken a turn for the better we all face the dreaded bug season! If you have experienced the irritation of insects entering the house through gaps between your floorboards, DraughtEx could be the solution to your problems.

DraughtEx provides a flexible seal that fills the gaps between floorboards, not just keeping out bugs in summer, but helping to defeat floorboard draughts in winter, too. Calculations show that the average combined area of the gaps between floorboards can be equivalent to a small window being left open. Therefore plugging these gaps can lead to significant savings on your heating bill during colder months, and less insect activity in summer.

This multipurpose floorboard gap filler not only solves these two problems, but also gives a clean, even finish that can help improve the overall appearance of wooden flooring. With so many reasons to try DraughtEx, why not order a sample pack and join the growing number of people who are delighted to have discovered DraughtEx.