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How to Fill Floorboard Gaps

Cold draughts created by the gaps between floorboards can lead to chilly and uncomfortable rooms and increased heating bills during the winter months. Even rooms that have carpet and underlay fitted often have gaps between the skirting board and the floor that allow significant heat to be lost.

Traditional floorboard gap filling techniques and products are time consuming, messy to install and will often fall out over time. DraughtEx is a proven floorboard gap filler, designed to reduce the cold draughts and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

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Easy Installation with No Mess

DraughtEx floorboard gap filler could not be easier to install. The specially designed DraughtEx applicator, which is supplied FREE with every order, will ensure that your floorboard draught excluder is inserted to the correct depth within your floorboard gaps. The fitting process is extremely quick and easy and requires no messy adhesives.

Our simple step-by-step installation instructions on how to fill floor gaps are easy to follow and will ensure you get a perfect finish.

Red DraughtEx applicator, a length of DraughtEx and some scissors

Suitable for Different Size Floor Gaps

DraughtEx is the best material for draught proofing floorboards because its flexible properties allow it to compress and expand with the natural movement of the floorboard gap meaning it doesnt fall out over time. It can also be compressed into floor gaps much smaller than its original profile, enabling you to fill even the smallest of gaps in floorboards.

Available in 3 sizes, thin, standard and thick, DraughtEx gives you the flexibility to combat all your floorboard draughts and if you are unsure which size to order, you can simply order a sample pack and try them out.

DraughtEx being stretched into a narrow gap between two floorboards

Natural "Shadow" Appearance

How do you fill gaps between floorboards without ruining the overall look of your finished floor? DraughtEx is manufactured in our specially formulated colour "Shadow" which has been designed to mimic the natural shadows created between floorboards to allow you to fill draughty floorboard gaps without affecting the appearance.

Take a look at our full image gallery to see how floorboards look after using DraughtEx floor gap fixer.

DraughtEx filling the gaps between floorboards

Fantastic Energy Savings

Did you know that in a 12ft x 12ft room the gaps in floorboards create a draught that is equivalent to leaving a small window open! This can result in significant heat loss, uncomfortable rooms and unnecessarily high heating and energy costs during the winter months.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that filling draughty floorboards can save a household up to £40.00 per room per year on energy bills and reduce its CO2 contribution by around 110 kg.

Read more about the environmental benefits of draught proofing your home.

Digital thermometer displaying temperature of 25 degrees celsius

Featured on More 4

Featured on one of More4's property seasons, Sarah Beeny used DraughtEx to show viewers how to seal gaps in original wood floorboards. She explained that filling wooden floorboards with DraughtEx is an effective and cost efficient way to eliminate cold draughts created by the gaps in your floor.

DraughtEx is so easy to install even by the most novice DIY person. So not only do you get a warmer house cheaply, you also get the satisfaction that you did it yourself, saving you even more money.

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DraughtEx Introduction Video

Our introduction video shows you how fitting DraughtEx between your floorboards can eliminate cold draughts making your home warmer and helping to reduce your winter energy bills.

Draughtex is protected by Intellectual Property Right with Patent Application numbers: 1004358.6 and 1110329.8



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