Draft or Draught?

This is a question often raised by our customers when they are searching for a floorboard gap filler and try to type the right search term into Google… What is the right spelling of the word and why?

The Oxford Dictionary advises:
“Do not confuse draft with draught. Draft means ‘a first version of a piece of writing’ or ‘make a first version of a piece of writing’ (I drafted a letter of complaint), whereas draught chiefly means ‘a current of air’ (heavy curtains cut out draughts).”

Our product is named DraughtEx, as it cuts out cold draughts between floorboard gaps. Nevertheless, even our office staff occasionally spell our floorboard filler DraftEx.

Other typical misspellings having been used in the past were:
Draghtex, Drfatex, Draughtek,  Draughtx, Drartee, drughtex
(Quite often the reason for misspellings is not the absence of spelling skills but furious typing on a keyboard).

However, whatever your spelling of the product’s name is going to be, we promise to send you the right product and that you will be very satisfied with a suddenly draught-free floor!