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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. If you need any further help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Is DraughtEx visible when it is fitted and what colour is it manufactured in?

DraughtEx is manufactured in "shadow", a grey/black colour that is designed to match the natural shadow created by wooden floorboards. Although DraughtEx may be seen, it completes the look of floorboards, leaving you with an efficient and attractive finish. Take a look in our Photo Gallery for examples.

When is it best to insert DraughtEx? Does inserting between floorboards cause any damage?

The best time to fit DraughtEx is after sanding and varnishing of the floorboards to avoid dust or varnish to affect the unobtrusive look of the newly filled gaps. Application is easy and does not damage polished or treated floorboards.

What is the delivery time for DraughtEx?

If orders are placed before 2:30pm, we usually dispatch the same day. Samples and orders of single rolls are sent by Royal Mail (2-3 working days). Orders of multiple rolls of DraughtEx are dispatched on a next working day service (Monday to Friday) by courier.

How do I know how much DraughtEx will be needed and how many rolls to buy?

DraughtEx can be purchased in three different versions. The calculator on the homepage can be used to make an estimation of how much meters of DraughtEx will need.

What happens to the cold air draughts after DraughtEx has been fitted between floorboards?

By inserting DraughtEx into your floorboards you are sealing the cold air under the floorboards and out of your living space. This means that the temperature in the room with DraughtEx fitted will not be compromised.

Can I not fill my floorboard gaps with anything?

You can fill floorboard gaps with any material and it will work for a period of time if it is air-tight sealed. DraughtEx is designed to guarantee this seal. As with all wooden floors the timber moves and this can dislodge sealants rendering them useless and allowing draughts to again flow through the gaps.

Can I vacuum the floor without sucking out DraughtEx?

Vacuuming the floor should not suck up DraughtEx or dislodge it. Draughtex is suitable for applying to gaps 2 - 11 mm and will usually sit 5mm below the surface of your floorboards.

Is there a helpline for DraughtEx, and when can I call?

We have a dedicated free phone number dedicated to sales and support, 0800 088 7311 open Monday to Friday (08:00 - 17:30) and Saturdays (10:00 - 14:00).

Can I paint or treat the floorboards after I have fitted DraughtEx?

DraughtEx should ideally be fitted only between floorboards that have been completely finished. Installation of DraughtEx should be the final step of any work taking place on floorboards as the effectiveness of this gap sealant can be compromised if it is coated with solutions. The application of DraughtEx has been designed to ensure that it is not only simple to insert, but also so that it does not damage floorboards when using the tools suggested and supplied with the product.

Can DraughtEx be applied to Tongue and Groove?

Tongue and groove floorboards often haven't got the right dimensions that are necessary to apply DraughtEx. The gap between the floorboards needs to be at least a couple of millimeters deeper than the diameter of your roll.The diameters of DraughtEx lay between 4-12mm depending on the version you buy.

Can DraughtEx be used for gaps between skirting board and floorboards?

Yes. As long as the gap has the right dimensions for DraughtEx it is ideal to fill gaps between the skirting board and floorboards.

DraughtEx has become shorter with time and is not reaching the skirting board any longer. What have I done wrong?

During the application process DraughtEx has to be stretched but it naturally always tries to get back to its original form. Occasionally the natural movement of the wood, through expanding and contracting occurs, allowing the floorboard filler to expand to fill the wider gap. If you have not tucked sufficient DraughtEx under the skirting board there is a possibility that the end of the floorboard filler may become visible. To prevent this we recommend that you tuck 2-4cm of DraughtEx under the skirting boards, allowing it to expand without popping out from under the skirting board.

What is the optimum depth for DraughtEx to be installed?

DraughtEx should ideally be installed about 0.5 cm below your floor level. Our free applicator has a ridge on its wheel that helps you to apply the gap insulator to the correct depth.

Can DraughtEx be used in combination with under floor heating?

DraughtEx has not been tested in combination with underfloor heating and therefore this type of application is done at your own risk. Although the product can withstand some heat it is not fire retardant. If you wish to apply DraughtEx to applications where under floor heating is present the product should not be allowed to touch the heating elements of the under floor heating system.

Can DraughtEx be used on gaps with varying width?

DraughtEx can also be used on gaps with varying width. Just stretch the product to the required width and insert it with the applicator. If the variation is very big you might have to alternate between different versions of DraughtEx within one gap.

What is the best tool to begin the application with?

Especially if your floorboard gaps are very narrow it can be helpful to use a tool like a blunt knife or an old credit card cut into a rounded triangle to tuck in the first bit of DraughtEx.

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Thin (10m Roll)

Suitable for < 3mm gaps
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Thin (40m Roll)

Suitable for < 3mm gaps
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Standard (40m Roll)

Suitable for 2 - 7mm gaps
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Thick (10m Roll)

Suitable for 6 - 11mm gaps
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Sample Pack

What is in a sample pack?
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Additional Applicator

Do I need another applicator?
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How many rolls of DraughtEx will I need for my floor?
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Next Working Day Delivery

Orders can be upgraded to next working day delivery for
£4.50 inc VAT and will be delivered by Hermes.

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Image Gallery

An excellent collection of images showing floorboard gaps that have been sealed using DraughtEx floorboad gap filler.

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