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How to Fit DraughtEx Floorboard Gap Filler

DraughtEx is perfect to fill your floorboard gaps. Its unique design and the application tool ensure that your floor can be sealed without causing damage to the floorboards. DraughtEx should be applied in between floorboards after they have been treated or painted.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before fitting DraughtEx ensure that the floorboard gaps are clean and free from debris which can be removed using an appropriate tool such as an old credit card or a screwdriver.

When removing debris from between floorboards, care should be taken to avoid any electrical wiring or pipework that may be hidden under the floor.

Cleaning the floorboard gap using a screwdriver

Step 2 - Starting the Application

Using an old credit card (it is helpful to cut this into a rounded triangular shape which makes it easier to tuck the ends under the skirting board), blunt knife or another appropriate tool push DraughtEx into the floorboard gap next to the skirting board.

The first 1 - 2 inches of the application should be completed using this method to ensure DraughtEx is firmly in place.

A hand using an old credit to insert the first 1-2 inches of DraughtEx

Step 3 - Using the Applicator

After you have fitted DraughtEx into the first 1 - 2 inches of the gap and the end is firmly in place, use the applicator to gently push the sealant into the remainder of the gap.

Narrow gaps (or gaps with varying widths of up to 12mm) can still be sealed by simply stretching and compressing the DraughtEx as required.

A hand using the applicator to insert DraughtEx into the gap

Step 4 - Cutting to Size

After you have fitted DraughtEx to within 2 inches of the opposing skirting board, the final length of the gap should be measured and the sealant trimmed with about one inch surplus length.

This is done to ensure a good fit during the final stage of installation and to prevent gaps being created at a later stage. DraughtEx can easily be cut to size with household scissors.

DarughtEx being cut to size with household scissors

Step 5 - Finishing the Application

Once DraughtEx has been trimmed to size, use an old credit card, blunt knife or another appropriate tool to push sealant into the floorboard gap for the last 1-2 inches.

This will ensure a snug fit and create an effective seal between DraughtEx and the skirting board. This method should be applied to each floorboard gap.

A hand using an old credit to insert the final 1-2 inches of DraughtEx

Safety Tip - Avoid Injury Risks

The DraughtEx application tool is extremely effective for installing the floorboard sealant due to its slimline fitting wheel.

It is however important to ensure that a safe distance is maintained between the applicator and your leading hand to elliminate the risk of injury. The applicator should be stored in a safe place away from children.

A hand not maintaining a safe distance fronm the applicator

Important: When installing DraughtEx in rooms with open fires or a gas fire, please ensure that a sufficient flow of air to the fire remains. Without sufficient air flow there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can increase air flow to the fire without cooling down the room by installing shuttable air inlets in the floor directly next to the fire.

DraughtEx Installation Video

Our DraughtEx installation video will guide you through the quick and simple fitting process. It can be easily fitted by anyone with limited DIY experience and requires no adhesive or specialist skills.

Draughtex is protected by Intellectual Property Right with Patent Application numbers: 1004358.6 and 1110329.8

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Image Gallery

An excellent collection of images showing floorboard gaps that have been sealed using DraughtEx floorboad gap filler.

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