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How DraughtEx Fills Floorboard Gaps

The molecular composition of DraughtEx

DraughtEx has been cleverly manufactured with thousands of concealed air pockets which allows the sealant to be compressed by almost 90% of its original profile.

These flexible properties allow DraughtEx to be compressed into floorboard gaps much smaller than its original form by stretching it during the installation process. Once the floorboard filler is in the gap it will expand until it fills the width of the gap.

Timber floors contract and expand throughout the course of their life. These variations cause alternative floorboard sealants such as papier-mache, wood filler and silicon to become ineffective and loose and eventually drop out. DraughtEx will mimic the movement pattern of the timber and therefore remain in place retaining insulation.

A comparison showing the 3 thicknesses of DraughtEx and a pound coin The profile of DraughtEx inserted into a floor

Great Results for Varying Gaps

Due to the nature of wooden floors and the way in which they are laid, the gaps between them often vary in size. To ensure that all gap sizes can be filled we offer DraughtEx in 3 different sizes.

Thin - Suitable for < 3mm gaps Standard - Suitable for 2 - 7mm gaps Thick - Suitable for 6 - 11mm gaps

Natural Finish

The design of DraughtEx follows extensive research and testing which has been carried out to ensure that the product is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. The colour "Shadow" has been carefully developed to allow floorboard gaps to be sealed without compromising the natural appearance of finished wooden floors.

Draughtex is protected by Intellectual Property Right with Patent Application numbers: 1004358.6 and 1110329.8

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Thin (10m Roll) Suitable for < 3mm gaps 7.43 inc VAT

Thin (40m Roll) Suitable for < 3mm gaps 26.99 inc VAT

Standard (40m Roll) Suitable for 2 - 7mm gaps 28.99 inc VAT

Thick (10m Roll) Suitable for 6 - 11mm gaps 26.99 inc VAT

Sample Pack What is in a sample pack? 5.99 inc VAT

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DraughtEx being used t seal a skirting board gap

Skirting Board Gaps

DraughtEx can also be used to seal the gaps between the skirting board and the floor. The size of these gap often varies and traditional filling methods are usually messy to install and fall out over time.

For more information on how to use DraughtEx to seal skirting board gaps see our skirting board article