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Energy Saving

* An average 12ft x 12ft room will have approximately 25 floorboards making up the floor area. The gap between these boards will average 4mm. This means the total gap area would be 25 x 4mm = 100mm x 12 feet length (3657mm) = 3.87ft². This is similar in size to a small window being left open all day, every day.

Savings are anticipated to be up to 50% in rooms that have been fitted with DraughtEx.

The product has the following environmental benefits:-

  • Its application can result in substantial energy saving in homes
  • It is a long life product (Durable material)
  • It is reusable (Multiple life product)
  • Its application can extend the life of flooring in homes
  • The product reduces moisture absorption in floors, especially soft woods
  • It is safe to use and apply (No adhesives, no print, no odours)
  • It has more than one possible application
  • It is user friendly
  • Is it designed for the full life cycle

* DraughtEx saves energy by insulation. Specific laboratory tests are planned for the future to determine accurate measurements. The claims on energy saving above are estimated.

DraughtEx is a Patent-pending product (1004358.6 and 1110329.8) of The Energy Project which is operated by Safelincs Ltd

Important Company Information

Safelincs Ltd Registration Number (England & Wales): 4715788
VAT Number: GB 827 6397 88
Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number: 73-451-4198

Please note that Safelincs is a registered trademark.

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Thick (10m Roll) Suitable for 6 - 11mm gaps £26.99 inc VAT

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